12ft under mainstream

Version française ci-dessous // Berlin 12ft under mainstream is an Experimental music experience hosted by Baptiste Moulin, and organise by 3 to 7 people are welcomed in Der Oker-Keller Studio for a 4 hours workshop/Experienced. The main goal of the workshop is to bring non-musicians and musicians together, and for non-musicians to be part of a musical creative … Lire la suite de 12ft under mainstream

The Roscellae Guitar

Version française ci-dessous //  The Roschellae Guitar is an electroacoustic guitar using a piezoelectric crystal as a transducer. The crystal called Rochel Salt is the oldest known piezoelectric material. The crystal used as a pick-up to amplify the instrument is also self-produced, each crystal will generate their own tonality and bring their own perspective to the sound. To optimise its effect, … Lire la suite de The Roscellae Guitar